New Site!!!

2013-12-01 15:21:04 by CoconutBryer

Hi, it's-a-me, CoconutBryer (aka Wander). Me and EggYolker (aka Sylvia) are making a new website called Egg-Coconut, it'll have cartoons, games, and exclusives. So, new stuff soon here.

Bowser's Revenge

2013-11-29 18:56:36 by CoconutBryer

Hello, I'm CoconutBryer. I'm pretty sure you know me for my crappy Flash sitcom and game. I'm going to talk about Bowser's Revenge.

People have repeatedly complained about having to reload the page, while simply YOU CAN PRESS THE COLLAPSE BUTTON! I put that in caps because obviously, you don't know what it is. It's a button with a yellow block and a white arrow. Also, somebody said something about being able to control where you throw the bombs like you did with eggs like in Yoshi's Island, Super Mario 64 DS, Brawl, etc. Well, I am making a game like this one, where you are able to aim. Also, there is a secret location in the game, can you find it? Until next time, this is CoconutBryer saying: "Later Hater, it was fun playing with you!"

That'll be $10, player!

Bowser's Revenge